What Pet Supplies are needed to care for a pet

Looking at getting a new Pet?

Any pet owner in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland knows how important pest control, and keeping ticks and fleas away from your cat or dog is essential.  The UK has a long history of pest control and imposes strict importation rules on animals in order to protect them and the natives animals from foreign pests. Sadly in recent year there has been an increase in animal trafficking, which is similar to human trafficking, in both case these beings are taken from their homes and illegally transported to the countries around the world including the UK. The stopping of these trade is a matter talked about in governments and charities around the world, and with any luck a stop will be brought about.

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If you are planning on buying and keeping a new pet, then making sure that it has come from a legal and proper source is the first thing to do. Normally illegal animals are treated poorly and they will be continued to be stolen as long as people buy them. Thankfully there are many licensed and legal pet breeding centres where you can buy happy and healthy young or old animals. Once you have purchased your new friend making sure your home is ready for them is the next step. It will require you to buy more then just a bed. The purchase and use of pest controls products is a matter, in some eyes, of national security. However, this is only one of the pet supplied that you will need to buy on a regular basis if you own a cat, dog, bird or fish.

Pet Food

Of course, food is probably the biggest expense for any pet owner. Buying food in bulk will definitely save you money, and just like food for humans, you get what you pay for the quality can vary widely. Always look at the ingredients carefully, to make sure that your pet is eating healthily. Whether you have a cat or a dog, feeding your pet a combination of wet and dry food ensures a balanced diet. If you own a fish or a bird, it is equally important to buy the right type of food and feed your pet the recommended daily amount.


Prevention, it is said, is better than cure, and you should take steps to make sure that your dog or cat does not get fleas, ticks, mites or other pests. There are plenty of medication options available, such as flea collars, pills and sprays and it is much easier to prevent a pest problem than to try to treat it. If you do notice a flea problem, always address it as soon as possible. It is worth keeping various medication in your home, for other emergencies, such as diarrhea, hairballs, etc. Your vet can advise on basic medication, and most pet shops carry an adequate selection.


Pet supplies can also include pet toys and play items, and these can be anything from a rubber ball for a dog to a complex scratching post for your cat. Your local pet shop probably has a large choice of toys, although not every pet will play with every toy and it can often be a case of trial and error. Dogs in particular can often become attached to a particular toy, although much of the time they will chew on your slippers just as happily. Don't forget accessories for your fish tank one of the pleasures of keeping fish is spending time making your aquarium as visually interesting as possible.


Unless you don't mind your dog or cat sleeping on the sofa or the bed, a pet bed may well be one of your most important pet supply purchases. Pet beds vary in size, design and level of comfort in fact some of them look as though they would be just as comfortable as your own bed. If you have a cat, a cat carrying container is also an essential item, allowing you to safely and easily take your cat to the vet, or anywhere else. There's no doubt that having a cat, dog or other pet can be costly and there are plenty of supplies, accessories and bits and pieces that you will need to buy. However, most pet owns will tell you it is well worth it.